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Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains answers to our current most commonly asked questions:


1.  Can you post details of our event, launch or product on the forward ladies website

We never take our members for granted and do not want to excessively target them with promotions or constantly market products to them that are not relevant. So if you have something to promote we'll first need to review it to see if its relevant to our members, if so then what we would normally ask is that you give a special members offer either - free tickets or discounts so that we are offering value to our members. Failing that we have marketing packages for any one who wants to tap into our database to promote appropriate products and services to our members. Just send an email to enquiries@forwardladies.com. We get a lot of requests to promote to our members and we are keen to support other business whilst also giving our members some value?


2. I'm not a member can I attend your events?

Yes - our events are open to all. Non members would end to pay 30% more and also miss out on exclusive member offers so we'll strongly remember that you visit our events as a non member but consider joining as a member to get the full benefits and also to build your network.


3. I've not been invited by a member can I still attend your events?

Yes you can. You don't need to be invited by a member to attend an event.


4. I want to join Forward Ladies do you have any vacancies for my profession.

Thanks for your interest in joining Forward Ladies. Our membership is open and inclusive so we do not currently have a cap on the sectors that can join as your membership allows you to attend events and access benefits globally. Membership is a global passport. The people you see at events will depend on the dynamics of your local area. Our peer groups however only allow one person from each profession to avoid conflict of interest.


5. We want a group membership but we are based in different locations

Your Forward Ladies Membership gives you a global passport to any event in any area. You can still use the group membership even if the group is spread out in different geographic locations.


6. I want to make the most out of my membership what should I do? 

We have an online webinar to walk new members through how to get the best out of your forward ladies membership. Our members will be receiving information on this after they've joined.


7. If we have membership for two or more people can any body attend the Forward lady events or does it have to be named members?

Our membership is named and assigned to an individual. Therefore only that individual can use the membership. They can however invite their guests to events at highly discounted rates. 


8. I'm trying to book on an event but the website isn't accepting my membership number. 


Please check to be sure that your membership hasn't lapsed. If your account is up to date, then please drop an email enquiries@forwardladies.com to log the query. To make sure that you are booked onto the event, please email enquiries@forwardladies.com with your name, email, a phone number and event you want to book on and we'll be in touch to confirm your booking and take payment.


9. Please forward all membership queries to enquiries@forwardladies.com.


10. Multi Level Marketers are welcome to our events.

We will however ask that you refrain from promoting the business opportunity. You can promote any products or services that you have on offer. 


11. How can I find out more about the different networking opportunities available at forward ladies? 

The best way to find out more about the type of events we offer is to attend one of our events. Then you'll have the opportunity to meet some of our members and to find out more about forward ladies from our event host. 

 You should also join our mailing list so you can receive notifications of events across all our regions. 

12. As a member, how many guests can I bring to an event? 

You can bring as many guests as you can. We have no limit on the number of people you can invite to our networking events. Guest bookings vary per event. Please check the details for the particular event you are booking on. 

Women In Business Awards 

13. Can I purchase additional tickets for non-member guests for the Women In Business awards?

Yes you can. But only two guests can be booked at the preferential member rate unless otherwise stated. This is because the awards always sell out and we want to give preference to our members.

14. Our address is Carrwood Park, Selby Road, Leeds, LS15 4LG