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Get Mentoring

Get Mentoring

Get Mentoring
Get Mentoring is an initiative to unlock, train and support a community of enterprise mentors across the UK. The aim is to recruit and train thousands of mentors from the micro, small and medium-sized business community.

Get Mentoring is about training businesses to help each other to succeed. We know how important it is for those who have 'been there and done it' to pass on their valuable experience. Unlocking enterprise talent in people from all sections of society and in our micro, small and medium-sized businesses is where the UK's long-term prosperity lies and mentoring will play a key role in this process. 

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That's great news! This is all about getting businesses helping each other and deciding to become a mentor is the first step. The next step is to undertake our 'Introduction to Enterprise Mentoring' training. This training ensures that you're prepared to take on the role of a mentor. It will introduce you to the skills and knowledge you'll need to be an effective enterprise mentor.

Forward Ladies are running free training workshops in cities across the UK.

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Please make sure you have read the Get mentoring  Terms & Conditions before booking onto this event.