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Your business, your network!

Your business, your network!
Your business, your network!

Event type - Business development
Town - London
Standard Members - £15.00 (Inc VAT)
Standard Member Guests - £15.00 (Inc VAT)
Pay as you go Members - £20.00 (Inc VAT)
Pay as you go Guests - £20.00 (Inc VAT)
Male attendees - £20.00 (Inc VAT)
Date - 20/11/2012
Venue - Regus Victoria, Portland House , Bressenden Place,, London, London, SW1E 5RS
Timing - 6.00-9.00

Forward Ladies, who have over 13,000 members across the UK and offer workshopsin social media training, PR, public speaking and many other business skillsalongside trade missions, inspirational speakers and business benefits, willcollaborate with London’s most respected mentoring agency Rockstar, to explainhow you can create an instant network and support system for yourself and yourbusiness, to ensure you are equipped for business success.

Rockstar’s Chelsey Baker whose career began trading on the stock market aged 19,before she moved successfully into a career as a serial entrepreneur and mediaconsultant, explained ; “I’ll be discussing core message creation and mediahooks, showing clients how they can raise their profile and really broadcasttheir business and most importantly, tap into a network which will position youfor business success. 

We are only as effective as our network.”Chelsey will be joined by Forward Ladies’ founder Etta Cohen, who has built theorganization from just 5 women in 2000, to the loyal 13,500 members who todaycount themselves as part of the Forward Ladies network