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Perfectly Pitched Presentations - Bring a guest for FREE!

Perfectly Pitched Presentations - Bring a guest for FREE!
Perfectly Pitched Presentations - Bring a guest for FREE!

Event type - Business development
Town - Sutton
Standard Members - £18.00 (Inc VAT)
Standard Member Guests - FREE
Pay as you go Members - £20.00 (Inc VAT)
Pay as you go Guests - FREE
Date - 15/11/2012
Venue - Holiday Inn Sutton, Gibson Road, Sutton, London, London, SM1 2RF
Timing - 6.30-9.00

In less than 2 hours, attendees will learn the basic techniques that will help them to improve their confidence, how to manage nerves and deliver better presentations in front of other people.

Attendees will have fun whilst delivering impromptu speaking, structuring a short speech, games and constructive feedback.

Elaine is the Company Director of the Amazing Life Group, a company dedicated to fulfilling its vision to help develop and teach people to create an amazing life in areas such as spirituality, mentality, emotions, finances and relationships.

She is an inspirational speaker, a member of Toastmasters and a certified practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Elaine is helping to improve the way the people think.   

Elaine formally worked at a secure establishment for boys aged 10 to 17 with behaviour and emotional difficulties.  Many of the young people having become involved in crime, drugs, absconding, sexual assaults, paedophilia and other anti-social behaviours.  Elaine worked extensively with these young people using cognitive learning therapy to change their behaviours and used positive reinforcement to build their confidence and self-esteem.

Elaine has recently co-authored “Multiple Streams of Inspiration Vol 2”. 

Bring ONE guest for FREE!