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Women on Boards

Women on Boards

Join Women on Boards at its 2012 post-Olympic Boardroom Conversations events on sports boards.

On behalf of Women on Boards we would like to make you aware of our first series of Boardroom Conversations taking place in London, Manchester and Edinburgh during November. The theme of our events is a post-Olympic discussion on sports boards. Ruth Medd, one of the co-founders of Women on Boards Australia will be leading the panels and will be joined by people representing a wide spectrum of sporting bodies across the UK. All involved are passionate about wanting to see more women on the UK’s sports boards. http://www.womenonboards.co.uk/events/boardroom-conversations/ If you are interested in sports boards and learning more about how sporting bodies are governed, and potentially in joining the board of a UK sporting body, please sign up to one of our events yourself via the website www.womenonboards.co.uk . To register you first need to sign-up to be a member of the network (free). Once you have done this you will be able to book a place at an event. The cost of these events is £25 (inc VAT), of which £5 will go to the charity, Wellbeing of Women.

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