10 Reasons Why You Should Apply For An #FL Award

10 Reasons Why You Should Apply For An #FL Award

“It’s no surprise that so many high achieving women in one room could create an unbelievably high octane, inspiring atmosphere.” – Sarah Hashemi⁠⁠
Feedback from our annual FL National Awards Ceremony. Thank you for being an active member of our community 💛⁠⁠
Did you know that nominations for our 2021 Awards are open! 🏆 Would you like to be considered for an award, or has someone inspired you throughout 2020/21 that you would like to nominate? ⁠⁠

Here are 10 reasons why you should apply:

Reflect on what you do best

The application process can often force you to properly appraise your professional life to date and provide a valuable opportunity to adopt a new perspective, evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, and review your overarching strategy. The reflection will help you identify ways you could improve and do better in the future.

Build Confidence

Our alumni have told us that winning the awards have given them the confidence and courage to make bold career moves. Being around all these inspirational, trailblazing women makes us all want to be better and reach higher for our goals.

Well-earned publicity

Winning an award can enable you to enhance your professional profile and visibility further and directly and dramatically impact opportunities made available to you. It’s an opportunity to improve and build on your personal brand and provide a real competitive advantage when seeking new opportunities. It is a great accolade to have, so make sure people know you have been nominated and shortlisted.

An endorsement from those in the know

Winning a business award, being shortlisted or simply being nominated is an endorsement and provides a valuable opportunity to assess your achievements relative to that of your peers. It is a reassuring recognition that helps make the hard work worth it.


Networking through the awards with other business leaders and professionals can advance your career and present opportunities to connect and support women leaders.

Trusted expert

Some of our previous winners have been offered public speaking and media commentator opportunities as a result of the visibility created through the awards.

Alumni opportunities

The awards programme presents an opportunity to become part of an exclusive alumni network. We host exclusive events for our alumni, partners and sponsors.

Boost staff morale

Achieving recognition in a prestigious business award and attending these events with your team can positively and encourage staff morale. It can boost motivation and acknowledges the contribution of your team and colleagues.

Attract talent

Equally, you may find it easier to attract top quality people due to your awards success. Everyone wants to work for an inspirational and award-winning leader and business.

The award!

And at the end of all this, there’s the chance that you may take home an extraordinary award. Something physical that you can see, touch and hold in your hands. A reminder that hard work does pay off.

So, what are you waiting for?

Don’t just take our words for it…

“Griselda Togobo, you have created something so special with forwardladies.com. A community that inspires, supports and encourages and learns from each other. I was nominated by the most fabulous Dr Leigh Hoath in 2019 AND I won. It gave me the confidence to make some bold moves in my career, and I have not looked back. Thank you ! Nominate, nominate! Good luck.” – Julianne Antrobus – Global Head of Nuclear, PA Consulting Group, STEM Leader – National Winner 2019.

There’s nothing we love more than promoting incredible women in business! Apply/Nominate HERE. 

If you have any queries or questions – please email enquiries@forwardladies.com.

Wishing you the best of luck with your application!

Team FL

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