Forward Ladies Mentoring: ADHD and Women in the Workplace

Forward Ladies Mentoring: ADHD and Women in the Workplace


March 16


01:00 pm - 02:00 pm



Forward Ladies

As part of Neurodiversity Celebration Week, Kate Dean, Director of Enable, mentors us through ADHD and tips for women in the workplace.

As part of Neurodiversity Celebration Week join us to hear from Kate Dean, Director of Enable, as she mentors us through ADHD , how it can affect women and strategies to help us thrive in the workplace.

You may have seen the alarming article recently describing ADHD as “the latest ‘must-have’ mental health condition in the UK tabloids. Whilst it’s no news that more people are being diagnosed, it may (or may not!) surprise you that boys and men are more likely to receive a diagnosis, because it presents completely different in girls and women.

Kate bring her own lived experience and the strengths of her neurodiversity to her work, and is joining us for this mentoring session.

She will outline

• What neurodiversity and ADHD are

• Myth busting

• Why ADHD is not a disorder

• The female presentation of ADHD

• Key characteristics, strengths and challenges

• Top tips and strategies to thrive in the workplace

About Kate

Kate Dean spent over 10 years leading and managing student facing disability support teams in universities before setting up Enable Disability & Inclusion Consultants in March 2020.

Kate has lots of experience of identifying appropriate adjustments and enabling strategies that allow people to work to their strengths, working across a wide range of disabilities and long-term conditions, but particularly specialising in neurodiversity, mental health, and hidden disabilities.

Kate now supports organisations with end-to-end solution focused support to deliver specialist consultancy, audits, training, and individual workplace assessments to identify and remove barriers to high performance in the workplace.