Quiet Quitting: What Is It And How Can We Fix It?

Quiet Quitting: What Is It And How Can We Fix It?


November 29


01:00 pm - 02:00 pm



Forward Ladies

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Get insights into quiet quitting and how you can fix it as an employee/employer

According to research, only 15 per cent of employees are actively engaged at work, meaning up to 85% could quit. Source: Gallup report.

Quiet quitting is an application of work-to-rule, where employees work within defined hours and engage in work-related activities solely within those hours. For many, “quiet quitting” is mentally checking out from work. In this case, you are still performing your duties, but you are no longer subscribing to the hustle culture and mentality that your whole life should revolve around work. Many employees are going through the “quiet quitting” phase knowingly and unknowingly.

For November’s mentoring session, we are pleased to have Sarah Clarke, an Organisational Psychologist, join us. Sarah will share a practical model for people to use in their workplaces to help them address the ‘quiet quitting’ aka engagement challenge. This session will be based on the science of human behaviour and proven research, including psychological theories. For this session, we will be enlightened on the following:

• What is Quiet Quitting, and is it new?

• How do we manage it as an employer and an employee?

• How does it affect the workplace

• What can we do to combat it?

About Our Guest

Sarah Clarke is an experienced Organisational Psychologist, Board Advisor and cognitive-behavioural coach who is accredited as a Fellow with the Association of Business Psychology. Sarah specialises in working with start-ups and scale-ups to design cultures that deliver performance. Recent projects, with a variety of private and public companies, have delivered >50% improvement in productivity per employee, tripled NPS, doubled ARR, and have been externally recognised by Investors in People and Best Companies Top 100 employer accreditations.

Sarah has a passion for working with SME’s looking to take the next step in the growth journey, while remaining true to their start-up culture. She is Test User accredited and experienced using a variety of psychometric measures. Her latest projects include agile/hybrid working, psychological safety and the importance of culture for wellbeing. Sarah also featured on BBC Breakfast discussing Leadership Development Programmes and regularly delivers inspiring keynotes and workshops to a variety of audiences.