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Feb 2020

Leadership Advice From Dot-Com Crash Survivor Dr Joanna Berry

Dr Joanna Berry is one of the rare breeds of women who have managed to combine a career in academia and business.  She currently occupies two positions – associate professor in entrepreneurship at
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Jan 2020

Secrets of A-List Women: Pat Mitchell on Becoming Dangerous

TEDWomen has just released a powerful talk by Pat Michell “Dangerous times call for dangerous women”, and it is an essential watch for this year. Pat Mitchell is a serial glass ceiling smasher. Th
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Jan 2020

Apprentice’s Linda Plant On 7 Secrets Of Success

Linda Plant is an inspiration to women worldwide. She established herself through a series of challenging executive roles at a young age. She is passionate about business and has proven herself to be
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Jan 2020

The Ultimate Guide To Goal Setting For 2020

Don’t set your goals high, set your goals right. One of the best things you can do instead of writing resolutions is to focus on your priorities and who you want to become. Here at FL, we created Th
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Jan 2020

Connecting Women Worldwide: Say Hello To The New FL

As FL moves into a new exciting digital era, we have a few major changes lined up for you this year! As we’re going global, we’re taking FL online and want to invite you to join us on this journey
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Dec 2019

The UK’s Top Business Women Have Been Recognised at The Prestigious Grand Final of The FL National Awards & Summit 2019

“I don’t just want to smash glass ceilings. I want to be the kind of leader who ensures glass ceilings don’t exist. Let’s grab hold of this challenge. Stand up for what you believe in. Make a
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Dec 2019

The Grand Final

The UK’s Top Business Women Have Been Recognised at The Prestigious Grand Final of The FL National Awards & Summit 2019 Hosted by acclaimed broadcaster, entrepreneur and author Arti Halai, the a
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Nov 2019

Dare To Lead: Meet Arti Halai – Broadcaster, Entrepreneur, Public Speaker & Author

Arti Halai is a broadcaster, entrepreneur, public speaker, and author. She has more than fifteen years experience working in the media industry as a Television presenter, producer and reporter. She is
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Nov 2019

Dare To Lead: Highlights From LIVE Judging Day, Sponsored By Grant Thornton UK

“Gender Diversity isn’t just the right thing from a social standpoint; it’s the best thing for business. There is a significant research base demonstrating a strong correlation between diversity
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